Focused on photonic imaging, sensing & analysis

Our CDT addresses the industrial emphasis on imaging, sensing, analysis and associated device technologies, and the accompanying demand from the UK’s photonics-enabled industries for skilled researchers with a strong grasp of photonic sensing and imaging concepts. 

Research projects are normally aligned to one of four themes: (i) Industrial imaging and visualisation; (ii) Photonic sensing and metrology; (iii) Computationally assisted imaging; (iv) Device technologies for photonic imaging and sensing.

Participation in the CDT is open to any company with a research activity in the UK that falls within the scope of the above themes.  The CDT can help companies identify a suitable academic partner, who may be able to bring complementary expertise to the project.

Links to the research activities across our University consortium are provided below.  Further information is available from the CDT or from the principal academic contacts at each of the universities.  Please refer to the Contacts page for details.

University of St Andrews

University of Strathclyde

Department of Physics

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Institute of Photonics

University of Dundee

University of Edinburgh