Capital Equipment

The CDT received funding for equipment hosted across the six academic partners which can be used to:

Enhance experimental labs underpinning the CDT taught-courses programme

Provide facilities and an equipment pool to support EngD and aligned PhD research at the universities and our industrial partners.

Details for each partner institution are as follows:

Institute & ContactDescription

Heriot Watt University

Professor Derryck T Reid

4-GHz real-time oscilloscope
Spectrum Analyser, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz
FSM-100P+ splicer
Mid-IR optical spectrum analyser

University of St Andrews 

Dr Tom Brown

Sprite‐R Ultrafast Laser System
SHG Doubler module Part No ECD-R-L
Long Scan autocorrelator kit for ultrafast lasers

University of Strathclyde

Dr Gordon Flockhart

FBG sensor / control system
FPGA control / acquisition system (x2)

University of Glasgow

Dr Martin Lavery

Semiconductor Parameter Analyser
Cascade Prober EPS150TRIAX
Package of spinner, pump and dispenser

University of Dundee

Dr Keith Wilcox

20 GHz sampling oscilloscope
Nematic LC spatial light modulator

University of Edinburgh

Dr Phillip Hands


Further Details: Capital Equipment.pdf