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University of Strathclyde
UniKLasers Ltd
Single-Frequency Laser Engineering at Exotic Wavelengths for Quantum Technologies
Quantum Technologies hold great promise to bring a step-change improvement to a diverse range of high-impact applications, such as ultra-stable clocks for financial transaction time stamping and satellite-free navigation, medical imaging, oil and gas prospecting, and ultra-secure communications. Whilst the scientific principles upon which these technologies rely are now largely proven, the subsystems (in particular, laser systems) upon which they depend are excessively large, expensive and power-hungry. If QT is ever to deliver on its potential, orders of magnitude reduction in size, cost and power consumption will have to be realised, and such systems will have to operate at wavelengths that are not currently easily accessible. This 4-year EngD programme will develop new laser systems, critically required by QT systems, which will match the optical performance of the Titanium:Sapphire laser in a footprint and price point comparable to the external-cavity diode laser (ECDL). We will demonstrate operation on many otherwise difficult-to-access but crucial laser lines. Such a development will be a critical step on the road to the translation of QT from the research community to the defence, space and consumer market. The research and engineering will cover a variety of areas including laser system design, build and testing, making use of novel gain and nonlinear media.